The Barbershop

Lavapies, a multi ethnic neighborhood in the center of Madrid is home to one of the city’s strongest concentrations of African immigrants. They come from Senegal, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and other African countries. They are mostly men, mostly young and see in Madrid the entry to a Europe that is for them a land of […]

Dominican Carnaval in Madrid

Carnaval has been hosted in the Dominican Republic since it’s establishment as a Spanish colony in the 16th century.┬áThe pre lenten celebration derived from the Catholic tradition handed down by the Spanish colonizers combines elements of African rhythms and costumes incorporated by the slaves imported from that continent and their descendants. Central to the celebration […]

Beauty in Madrid

A photo series exploring the intersections of beauty, race and immigration in Madrid. In Cuatro Caminos, home to a large and vibrant Dominican community, D’Mayra Peluqueria, was much more than a beauty salon. It was a place where Dominicans and Spaniards interacted. It was a meeting place to voice the immigrant experience of Dominicans in […]